Bathroom Renovation (Walker Street)

This bathroom refurbishment was carried out as part of the Home Improvement Scheme which saw home owners get the opportunity to renovate their house with support from the state government up to a maximum value of $6,000.00.

The works carried out this project included the demolition of the original bathroom and then the installation of new. This new installation consisted of waterproofing all floor surfaces, tiling of walls & floors, painting of ceiling, grouting & siliconing to seal, installation of new toilet, vanity & bath, installation of shower screen, installation & plumbing of basin, mixers and shower heads, Installation of mirror and finishing off with the installation of power outlets & lighting.

The final product came up exceptionally well and the homeowners came away with a fully functional and modern bathroom.

PROJECT TITLE: Bathroom Refurbishment
CATEGORY: Residential
LOCATION: Walker Street, Alice Springs
VALUE: $16,000.00
STATUS: Completed August 2020