Deck Installation Ilparpa Road

Nestled amongst the Macdonnell Ranges are a few residences that are complemented by the natural surrounds that Central Australia has to offer.

Morton bros Contracting had the pleasure of creating a entertainers deck off an existing dwelling. It wrapped around 1/4 of the property and was complimented with a lean-to shade structure to block out the afternoon sun.

The works consisted of; demolition of existing shade structure, site excavation and build up of propsed deck pad, prep and installation of footings, installation of steel support beams for decking base, installation of deck floor boards over prepared surface, installation of deck railing around all sides of deck, Installation of shade structures over deck and the sealing od deck floorboards to resist the natural elements and prolong deck life.

The homeowners now have a wonderful place to site and enjoy the nature and wildlife that surrounds it.

PROJECT TITLE: Deck Installation
CATEGORY: Residential
LOCATION: Ilparpa Road, Alice Springs
VALUE: $40,000.00
STATUS: Completed September 2020